1a4d91de-c728-4cc0-8e99-571e36e23eaeA fabulous time was had by all that visited St. Julian’s Methodist Church last week. Invited by former Head Teacher and SENCo, Mr and Mrs Marshall, the Boost group and various staff attended The Knitted Bible Exhibition to learn more about stories from the Bible.
Separated into small groups, the Boost group were taken around by the kind volunteers and introduced to many Bible stories through the amazingly clever work of those that created the knitted exhibition.  Stories were enthusiastically told and questions answered by the church group members, who went out of their way to welcome our pupils.  Some of the favourites from the exhibition were ‘Noah’s Ark’, ‘Jacob’s Ladder’, ‘The Nativity’, ‘The Last Supper’ and ‘Breakfast at the Beach’.
Each and every scene from the exhibition, that has travelled around various churches, demonstrated important teachings in a way that was accessible to all ages. Members of the congregation were also on hand to tell tales of their time at St. Julian’s School!  Mr and Mrs Marshall certainly made their mark – the group loved them!  Retirement certainly hasn’t taken away their touch! This fabulous afternoon was topped off with a chat with Reverand Richard Gillion, a photo opportunity at the pulpit, along with squash and biscuits.
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