Monday 4th September is a planned INSET Day for all staff.

The academic year will start for all students in Yr 7-11, at 8:30am on Tuesday 5th September (WEEK 1)

Please take time to read the end of term letter and ensure all students are wearing the correct uniform and have the correct equipment, ready for learning. Full uniform information is available here.

There are no excuses.

We look forward to welcoming you back.


Dear Parent/Carer,

As we draw towards the end of another academic year I wanted to take the opportunity to keep you updated with news from St Julian’s School. Our recent Estyn monitoring visit and subsequent response has been very much central in our day to day activities. Thank you to all parents/carers who were able to attend the meeting on the 5th July. Thank you also to the many parents/carers who have been in contact with the school either via phone, email or through meetings. I hope we have been able to answer your questions. As we are all aware, the continued success of all the young people who attend St Julian’s School rely on a collaborative and supportive approach from staff alongside parents/carers. Our Post Inspection Action Plan will be available for all to read once it is officially agreed by Estyn early in the Autumn Term.



Thursday 17th August – KS5 (08:00-10:00)

Thursday 24th August – KS4 (Year 11 08:00-10:00 / Year 10 10:00-12:00)


For our students to gain the greatest benefit from their education it is vital that they attend regularly and your child should be at school, on time, every day the school is open unless the reason for the absence is unavoidable.

It is very important therefore that you make sure that your child attends regularly and this policy sets out how together we will achieve this.

St Julian’s is committed to ensure regular attendance at school is a priority which will in turn provide students with the best possible chances in life to succeed and to achieve their goals. Regular school attendance is essential for all children and young people. Failure to regularly attend can increase the risk of leaving school without any qualifications, and can also increase the likelihood of students being drawn into criminal and antisocial behaviour.

Our school will endeavour to work with parents/carers, students, the local authority and the Education Achievement Service (EAS) to ensure that all students receive an appropriate education and to attend school regularly. This attendance policy reflects the local authority’s Attendance Strategy.

This policy aims to ensure that attendance and punctuality remains a key focus for all, including governors, teachers, parents/carers, students and partner agencies. We will strive to:
● offer a safe and friendly environment which welcomes children regardless of race, gender or ability
● raise standards and ensure all students reach their full potential, through a high level of school attendance and punctuality
● ensure all stakeholders receive communication about information on the importance of regular school attendance
● identify those students with irregular attendance at an early stage and work with partner agencies to try and address any barriers that stop pupils from attending school regularly
● keep accurate and up to date attendance data
● ensure all students are safe, and for the school to follow the local authority’s ‘Children Missing Education’ guidance
● reward those students who have made significant progress in raising attendance levels


Dear Parent / Carer

As you will be aware Estyn conducted their second monitoring visit of the school last week. Inspectors spent time interviewing staff, talking to students, observing lessons and looking at books. The purpose of their visit was to monitor the progress we have made since they inspected the school in 2014.

On completion of the visit the Inspectors decided we have not made enough progress in key areas and as a result they will increase their level of follow-up activity. This places the school in need of ‘special measures.’

A copy of the report is available here

Thank you to everyone who attended the Open Parents’ meeting on Weds 5th July.

Once we have have final details of the Post Inspection Action Plan we will display these on the school website. We anticipate that this will be some time mid September 2017.

If you were unable to attend the meeting please feel free to contact the school directly, either in writing or via email, to arrange a meeting with the Headteacher directly.



Dear Parent/Carer,

I write to inform you of changes that have been made regarding the provision of instrumental lessons for the next academic year.

We are pleased to be able to continue to run lessons in collaboration with the Gwent Music Support Service who provide high quality teachers for all instruments. We are continuing to provide free lessons for students in Year 10 and 11 who are studying Music as a GCSE option, as they are examined in performance as part of the course. However, we are not able to continue to offer free tuition for other students.

Parents/Carers of students who are taking GCSE Music do not need to sign up using the GMSS Parent Pay site for their first instrument but if you would like your son/daughter to learn a second instrument then you will need to sign up and pay for lessons via the Parent Portal.

Parents/Carers of students who are not taking GCSE music, or those taking a second instrument, will need to sign up and pay for lessons via the Parent Portal.



Students form KS3 and KS4 were invited to a superb reward event this week. We were promoting High Attendance, Positive attitudes to learning, Excellent Behaviour and Punctuality.

Well done to everyone involved – really well deserved!


A group of Year 6 and 7 students, representing each house at St Julian’s Primary, Glan Usk and St Julian’s School were rewarded with a trip to USW Treforest on Thursday 13th July following the success of their collaborative projects on E-Safety.

The day consisted of a tour of the campus and working further on the Citizenship strand of the New Digital Competence Framework. Pupils picked up a number of tips for creating their presentations. The work that they produced was judged to be excellent and  at the end of the day the pupils were able to graduate.

The Presentation will soon be found on the  school website and inform students and parents about the Digital Competence Framework, including guidance about on to stay safe online.


17th August – Year 12/13 results day – any pupils in year 12 failing to achieve a grade in a subject can meet with Mr J Rees or Mr J Newton to discuss options.

Thursday 7th September – Year 12 into 13 enrolment from 9.00 to 11.00am

Year 11-12

Tuesday 5th September – 09.00- 12.00 pupils with surnames beginning with A-F 13-15.00 pupils with surnames beginning with   G-M

Wednesday 6th September – 09.00 – 12.00 pupils with surnames beginning with N-S 13.00-15.00  pupils with surnames beginning with T-Z

Thursday 7th September  – Lliswerry Meeting 14.00

Friday 8th September – 09.00-11.00 Timetables & Tutor groups – Teaching for Monday 11th Sept Start