Google Reference School

St. Julian'sSt. Julian's EditedDSC_8445 copyAt St Julian’s School we have been using ‘G Suite For Education‘ since 2012.

Staff have used the various apps to organise, collaborate and engage students in their learning.  It has been such a successful and easy way to share documents and collaborate across the school.  Students all have Gmail accounts and this allows them to store their work in the ‘Cloud’ as opposed to on a network.  This allows our students to login to a variety of devices, anywhere on the school site or at home and access their work.

In September 2014, we purchased 500 Chromebooks and nearly all departments have a set for the class.  Tasks are distributed to students based on their individual learning needs and all work can be accessed on mobile devices allowing for greater flexibility both inside and outside of the classroom.

5-1-15 - 1At Easter 2015, we were approached by Google to become a ‘Google Reference School’ because of the best practice we were demonstrating.

In May, we hosted the GAFE Roadshow at school which allowed us to share our practice with our local primary schools and partner schools.  We were one of only 6 schools in the country involved in the roadshow and the only school in Wales to host the event.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event and had the opportunity to see GAFE being used live in the classroom along with having the opportunity to discuss the impact they are having on learning and teaching along with the outcomes they are producing.  The students lead the day with all the guests and were able to demonstrate their confidence and skills when using devices and apps.

St. Julian'sSt. Julian's EditedDSC_8896 copyOur goal is for all students to have access to mobile technology within their lessons, and for it to be used to allow students to become confident and responsible users of modern technology, promoting communication, independence, resilience, collaboration and progress.

We are continually working in partnership with Google to deliver an engaging and exciting curriculum through the innovative use of technology throughout the school.

View the Google Case Study website and our case study here

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