History is a very popular subject at all key stages and has achieved consistently good results at both Key Stages 4 and 5 in particular. We have a huge bank of teaching resources and much experience among our four team members. All students of History will have ample opportunity to engage in field trips to enhance their learning.

Subject Team

Mr Moruzzi Mr Bradshaw Mrs Flounders
Head of Department

Key Stage 3

In Year 8, we study the Tudors and Stuarts and in Year 9 we investigate the industrial changes that affected England and Wales with an emphasis on the crimes of Jack The Ripper. We then move on to Slavery and complete the year with the study unit on The Twentieth Century World, looking at such events as WW1 and WW11, the Russian Revolution and the Ann Frank Story. Pupil have the opportunity to enjoy field-trips to both Llaincaiach Fawr and the London Dungeons.

Key Stage 4

For GCSE History, we follow the WJEC syllabus and we study topics such as Hitler’s Germany, the Russian Revolution, and the USA 1930-2000 where we will look at how Black Americans have been treated in this period and American involvement in world affairs including Cold War events such as WW2 and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Coursework is centred around WW1 and WW2.Our 4-day field-trip to France again complements this study unit.

Key Stage 5

Our WJEC A level course includes the study of the Russian Revolution, Mussolini’s Italy, 1930s Britain, the Cold War in Europe, and the History of Germany [1878-1989]. There will be an opportunity for some students to travel to Auschwitz in Poland with the Holocaust Memorial Trust.

Future pathways

“Those who cannot remember the past are condenned to repeat it” – George Santayana.

History is a fun and interesting subject to study and is an excellent passport and stepping-stone to a future career and further education, including university. History helps you develop good communication skills, it makes you adaptable and helps develop critical analytical skills, which are vital in today’s job-market. It also helps foster problem-solving skills and business awareness. Indeed, many successful business-people and lawyers have a History background. Other possible careers may include teaching, media, and management.