KS4 Revision and Exam Preparation

Revision WorkspaceHere are a number of useful documents to help you organise your time to maximise your focus and effort in the build up.

Get a space organised with all the resources you need, plan your time and challenge yourself to complete past papers and practice specific exam questions.

If you feel you need some support from school, please contact your tutor, your subject teachers or your Head of House.  All the staff are here to help and wish you all the best.


 LINK  Key Stage 4 Revision Site  which-step-have-you-reached-today
 LINK  Revision Tips and Organisation 2017 *ESSENTIAL*
 LINK  Parental Guide to Help Revision *NEW*
 LINK  Weekly Planner *BLANK*
 LINK  Revision Advice Poster
 LINK  Best Revision Apps
LINK   Revision Guidance from Post 16 Students