Ramadan: Tuesday 15th May – Thursday 14th June

Dear Students,

We understand that during the period of Ramadan Muslims are expected to adhere to guidance and rulings from the Qur’an. As a result, the long fasting hours and expected practices could cause you some difficulties in school. Therefore the following is in place to ensure you are still able to access the curriculum during Ramadan:

PE – students are expected to bring their kit and change in order to take part in lighter sporting activities.

Food Technology – students are encouraged to take part in practical sessions although should you wish not to cook, relevant written work will be provided.

Musicstudents are expected to partake in lessons as you are working towards assessments.  You may be performing and listening to music of an appropriate nature for educational purposes.  

All subjects – our staff are all very supportive of Muslim students during Ramadan and are aware that fasting could affect your performance due to a drop in energy and concentration. This will be considered in the marking of any formal assessments.

If you have any concerns or wish to discuss this further, please either come and see us yourself or ask your parents, carers or family to contact us via telephone.

Miss S Hook & Mr N King