School Uniform

StJ UNIFORM 2015The school uniform for all students, in all years is as follows:

Bullet BLUE White collared shirt

Bullet BLUE House/Post 16 Tie – correctly worn

Bullet BLUE Black badged blazer with the St Julian’s School logo.
The blazer is to be with students at all times when on the school site, a coat is not to be used as a substitute.

Bullet BLUE OPTIONAL Black ‘V’ neck jumper or cardigan can be worn with a blazer, but no instead of.

Bullet BLUE Black Traditional Trousers/Skirts.
No pinafore style dresses or any other variations are accepted.

Bullet BLUE Skirts should be plain and no more than 5cm above the knee in length.
Tights must be plain black or natural in colour

Bullet BLUE Trousers must not be flares, hipsters, leggings, jeans or any other jean style.  Trousers must be worn at full length.

Bullet BLUE Plain black shoes, boots or all black trainers.  Boots only to be worn when under trousers (NOT with skirts).  No sandals, open back shoes, high heels or platforms.


Students may wear one small stud or small sleeper earring in each ear, plus one small ring on their finger.
Please note that we do not allow any other items of earrings, facial jewellery, necklaces, bracelets, bands or bangles.


This should be worn discreetly.


Extreme hairstyles and brightly dyed colours are not allowed, hair colours or highlights are allowed if they are conventional colours, for example black, brown or blonde.


A sensible outdoor coat may be worn, however it must be removed on entry to classrooms. Coats must not be denim, leather, fur or a hooded sweatshirt.

Hooded tops

Hooded tops (both pullover or zipped tops) are not allowed on the school site. These cannot be substituted for an outdoor coat.

Physical Education kit

StJ PE Kit 2015BOYS

Bullet BLUE St Julian’s School games shirt

Bullet BLUE Plain white round neck t-shirt

Bullet BLUE Plain black shorts or tracksuit bottoms

Bullet BLUE Trainers (with suitable ankle support for both indoor and outdoor use)

Bullet BLUE Boots & black games socks for Football and Rugby (OPTIONAL St Julian’s Football socks)


Bullet BLUE St Julian’s School hooded sweatshirt

Bullet BLUE Plain white polo shirt

Bullet BLUE Plain black shorts,  tracksuit bottoms or leggings

Bullet BLUE Trainers (with suitable ankle support for both indoor and outdoor use)

Health & Safety in Sport

To protect our students from any risks, all jewellery (inc. piercings, watches, necklaces, wrist bands and rings) must be removed before taking part in activities both within curriculum time and extra curricular.  Long hair must also be tied back in an appropriate way to allow full vision. Full PE kit must be worn during extra curricular activities, unless told otherwise. School kit will be provided where possible for fixtures and competitions, however students may be asked to wear their school PE kit.

Items of incorrect uniform will be confiscated. Where footwear is incorrect, the school will provide shoes for the student to wear. The only exception to this will be on receipt of a doctors’ certificate. Where there are significant and/or persistent infringements of the uniform policy students will be withdrawn from normal lessons pending the correct uniform being worn.