Student Voice

Student voice_05 copyStudent Voice forms a very strong part of our day to day practice alongside our review and development processes. Students at St Julian’s are able to influence many aspects of our school and their views are always taken very seriously. We believe that as much as we can teach our students, there is always scope for them to also teach us.

The power of Student Voice can be evidenced on a daily basis with the dialogue between the learner and teacher.  Students constantly enquire about levels of understanding, common misconceptions, assessment suggestions etc – and these are all commonplace.

We are also developing more formal structures. Our SJSV (St Julian’s Student Voice) meet regularly to discuss all aspects of life in our school. Representatives from several sub-groups are elected by the students themselves, form this group. Sub-groups meet periodically and cover issues ranging from styles of learning to saving energy across the school.

Recently our students have designed our school badge, designed our new school tie, raised money to purchase flat screen TVs for the school, contributed to a blog on developments in our school, influenced the lunch-time menu, reminded teachers to turn off electrical appliances when not in the room, purchased benches, tables and sporting equipment for break and lunchtime and voted in the new PE kit.