Dear Parent  / Carer

I would like to start by thanking for you for your patience and understanding with the current situation at St Julian’s. As you will already know, a gas leak was discovered on Tuesday evening. Newport Norse, our corporate landlord, were on site carrying out investigatory works and were able to cut off the supply to the main building.  The net result of this is that the school is without heating and hot water. For reasons of Health and Safety, the Chair of Governors and myself took the decision to close the school today.

I have met with representatives from Newport Norse this morning who were able to provide me with an update. They are now in the process of ‘purging’ the system of the gas. Once complete we have a welder ready to repair the pipe before ‘reintroducing’ gas to the system. Unfortunately this process does take some time.

I am sure you can appreciate the safety and wellbeing of both students and staff are my uppermost concerns. With this in mind we will open the school to all staff and Year 11 and 13 students only on Thursday 8th February (The school is closed for all LDC students). There will be no Year 11 exams on Thursday 8th Feb. We are able to host all lessons within the Jubilee and Technology blocks – which have heating. Toilet facilities, with hot water, are also available within the blocks. We will also make arrangements for food / snacks to be available in the Aspire cafe at break and lunch.

If you are a parent of a Year 11 or 13 student please impress on them the importance of attending school tomorrow.

We fully expect to gas supply to be reinstated by Friday and the school fully open to all students. I hope this provides you with more clarity over the situation. Thank you again for your understanding.

Please remind your son/daughter that although the school may be closed, their learning can continue. Ask them to:

  • Look back through their books and respond to any teacher comments
  • Complete any DIRT activities which have been set by their teachers
  • Check back over work and ensure capital letters are used when appropriate, titles are underlined and spelling mistakes are rectified.

If they manage to complete all of that ask them to read an article of their interest, watch a TV programme, listen to a podcast or go out and participate in an activity. Once they have done that ask them to produce a piece of extended writing under the heading, ‘What I did, what I discovered and what I will do next as a result” Completed work to be handed in at Main Reception for my attention.


Mr R Evans



Click on the images below for the Year 11 and Year 13 Rooming Timetables.