St Julians School

Mr. D. Curtis, Headteacher updates

27 November 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

We look forward to seeing our Year 8 students again on Tuesday 1st December; they have been isolating and engaging in distance learning since last Wednesday.



A reminder that on Monday 30th November, we have the first of our six INSET training days for staff. Students will not be required to attend school on that day.

We should have had an INSET day on our return to school on Tuesday 1st September 2020. However, due to Covid 19, that day (and the Wednesday) were allocated by the Welsh Government as Planning and Preparation days for the return to school following the lockdown. It has now been confirmed that we can still use this INSET day at another time this year. Therefore, we have allocated the last day of the summer term - Tuesday July 20th 2021 as an INSET day. 

Please see our updated calendar for details of our school holidays, INSET days and events.


Progress Evenings

Yesterday, our Year 11 tutors had a productive evening talking to parents on the phone about their child’s progress. These sessions are a different format to our normal Parents Evenings due to the Covid-19 restrictions, but nevertheless are vital in supporting our students’ education. Our next session is for Post 16 students which takes place on Thursday 3rd December.


Learning Reviews

We have been spending the last few weeks talking to students and looking at their work to evaluate what they have learnt since September. We have been really impressed by the students’ responses and how well they have remembered the knowledge they have been taught since the start of term. Well done to all those who have been involved in this process.


Face Coverings

The Welsh Government has updated its operational guidance on the use of face coverings in secondary schools and colleges. The guidance now states that face coverings should be worn:

  • in all areas outside the classroom by staff and learners in secondary schools and colleges

  • on dedicated school and college transport for learners in year 7 and up

  • by visitors to all schools and colleges, including parents and carers dropping off and picking up children

At our school, we have been insisting on their use in communal areas since September; therefore, there are currently no changes to our procedures.


And finally …

Normally schools at Christmas are full of excitement and festive fun. We don’t want Covid-19 to spoil the atmosphere this year. Although our celebrations won’t be the same as previous years, we are planning a number of events on the last day of term for our students which can take place in their form groups. In addition, instead of a sitdown Christmas lunch, we will be providing a festive takeaway instead. Please see here for more details.

Yours faithfully

Mr. D. Curtis