St Julians School

Mr. D. Curtis, HEADTEACHER updates

Thursday 9th July 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

Re: Reopening of Schools in September

The Welsh Government announced today that schools will reopen fully for all students in September. 

The main points were:

  • The autumn term in Wales will start on Tuesday 1st September.

  • Schools have flexibility for a phased approach for the first two weeks if they so wish, but all students must be back full-time by Monday 14th September.

  • Students will need to be in "class contact groups" of 30.

  • There is recognition that in secondary schools, students may need to mix groups and move for specialist teaching.

  • There will be limited social distancing for students in their contact groups; however, adults must continue to social distance according to guidance.

  • Schools will continue to operate with Covid 19 mitigating measures in place, e.g. one way systems, hand sanitising, minimising movement etc.

  • Schools will need a back up plan for future closures.

We will receive the full operational guidance on Monday which will give us the exact details on how we can operate as a school in September. 

I will update you again at the beginning of next week to give you the dates and arrangements for St Julian’s students.

In the meantime, have a lovely weekend. Stay safe.

Yours faithfully

Mr Dean Curtis