St Julians School

Mr. D. Curtis, Headteacher updates

Friday 18th September 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

We have had another positive week at school; the vast majority of students have engaged well in lessons and behaved themselves exceptionally well around the site during breaks and lunches. We have been particularly impressed with our students’ attitudes towards the wearing of face coverings in communal areas. They have understood the rules and rigorously adhered to them.


Covid-19 Update

We are incredibly disappointed and frustrated that we have had to ask Year 7 students to remain at home this week, particularly as they have only just started their education with us. We are one of hundreds of schools across the country that have had to partially close. It only takes one positive test to shut down a whole year group. 

It is, unfortunately, inevitable that we will be in this situation again at some point.  If we are informed of a positive Covid-19 test, then we will contact you immediately through email, website and social media. Students will then revert to home learning, similar to when we were in lockdown. Our website will be updated by the end of Monday with more information about distance learning. In the meantime, we look forward to welcoming back our Year 7 students on Tuesday 22nd September. 

Please see updated guidance here.



We continue to persistently enforce our uniform expectations.. Well done to the overwhelming majority of students who are still adhering to the rules. Students are consistently reminded to wear their uniforms smartly. Each morning the students’ uniforms are checked on the gate before entering school and at main entrances when re-entering the school building after break and lunch. 


Social Distancing

Please can you join us at home in encouraging our students to keep their distance and reinforcing the importance of no contact with each other. This includes on their way to and from school.



When parents ring the absence line and leave a message, please can you be specific about the illness or symptoms so the school can distinguish between potential Covid-19 cases and other illnesses.


And finally ….

I hope you enjoy the weekend and we look forward to seeing the students on Monday.


Yours faithfully

Mr D Curtis

Headteacher / Pennaeth