St Julians School

Year 9 Pathways Evening - Tuesday 28th January

We have put together a detailed booklet to help our pupils make a decision on which options they would like to take for their GCSE's. Some subjects are compulsory core subjects, which means that all students have to do them.  

The core subjects are:

  • English                            
  • Mathematics                        
  • Science                            
  • Religious Studies                        
  • Welsh
  • Skills Challenge Certificate                            
  • Physical Education                    
  • Personal & Social Education                

Other subjects are options and you will need to study six of these. Three in Year 10 and the other 3 in Year 11.

Please see below a PDF of the Year 9 Pathways Booklet. This will give you all the information you need to decide which subjects to do in Year 10.