St Julians School

Important Information for Parents/Carers - Updated School Day & COVID-19 Updates

Updated School Day

We have reviewed our school day to ensure maximum safety of our students and staff; all arrangements are in line with Welsh Government guidelines and advice from the Local Authority.

Below is the new daily schedule that will be in place for November and December. It is a temporary schedule and we will review this again before the end of the half term (or earlier if there is a change in restrictions).

Students will be on site from 8:35 to 15:00 (the established school day) with staggered arrivals and departures.

As shown in the schedule, please note that students must follow their designated gates and arrival times when coming to school in the morning. At the end of the day, students leave via their nearest gate.

Breaks and Lunchtimes

Break and lunchtimes have been slightly amended too.  Break is now 20 minutes long and shares a 40 minute slot (10:40 to 11:20) with Tutorial. Lunchtimes are 30 minutes long and share a 90 minute slot (12:20 - 13:50) with Period 4. Please see a new menu HERE.

In the event of wet weather, form rooms and the canteens will be used to keep the students protected from the elements. The students will use their own form rooms to ensure students' contact groups are not compromised.

Safety Measures

All our safety measures remain in place. These can be seen below too. It is essential that we all follow these expectations for the safety of everyone in our school community. 

COVID-19 Updates 

As you are aware we have had some cases of COVID-19 in the Learning Development Centre, Year 8 and Year 11. As these are isolated cases and have been dealt with swiftly, we can confirm that students are safe and well to be in school (with the exception of Year 8 and 11 due to Government guidelines).

We look forward to welcoming all year groups back to school on Monday 9th November, with Year 7 due to return on Monday 2nd November and Year 8 on Wednesday 4th November.

Mr Owen, Operations Manager is the Covid-19 Lead Officer for the school along with Mrs Williams, Business Manager in his absence.  Please always make contact with either of these staff members should your child receive a positive test result by emailing

Negative Results

If your child comes back with a negative result, please send a copy of the results to

Positive Results

If your child comes back with a positive test result, please contact the school immediately. During the school day, please call 01633 224490 (Option 0) asking for Mr Owen (Operations Manager) or Mrs Williams (Business Manager) who will go through the process and relevant information for you. Outside of school hours, please email; the above staff along with the Headteacher monitor this email as often as possible. Please do this for a positive result only.

Please refer to our flowchart and Newport City Council's FAQs for more information and guidance on different situations.

Out of school hours between 6am-8am and 4pm and 9pm and over the weekends please email

Our original guidance was that siblings of the students being tested were to remain at home isolating until symptom free. However, the updated guidance is: if someone has tested positive for COVID, symptoms can last longer than 10 days of isolating. Coughs in particular can linger, but it does not mean that they remain infectious. Before the confirmed positive person returns to school, they must be clear of a fever for 48 hours and feel well enough to resume normal duties.

Following some queries from parents, we have been liaising with Environmental Health regarding COVID-19 guidelines. As such, we can confirm the following update information:

Siblings or anyone in the household who is isolating (due to someone within their household requiring a COVID test) can return to school once a negative test has been proven. Siblings should remain off until a negative test result is back.

Under no circumstances should learners or staff attend the school if they:

Feel unwell with any of the identified COVID-19 symptoms (high temperature; new, continuous cough; or loss of taste or smell). They should remain at home, self-isolate and arrange a COVID-19 test;  have tested positive for COVID-19; or  live in a household with another person who has symptoms of, or has tested positive for, COVID-19.