St Julians School

Distance Learning for Self Isolating Students: Year 8

19 November 2020

Dear Parents/Carers


Re.: Distance Learning for Self Isolating Students: Year 8


As you will be aware from my previous letter, due to a single positive Covid19 case in Year 8, all Y8 students now have to self isolate from Wednesday 18th November until Friday 27th November.  Students will return to school on Tuesday 1st December; Monday 30th November is an Inset Day.


All students will be expected to continue learning at home via Google Classroom. Work will be shared for each subject on the morning that they would normally have a lesson in that subject, as according to their school timetable. Teachers will be available to answer email questions and queries during the time slot of their normal allocated lesson. Form Tutors will also telephone during the week to check all students are well and engaging with their work. If there are any problems accessing and completing online work due technology issues at home, please contact Mr Edwards, Year 8 Progress Leader. Students are aware that although work is to be accessed online, it can be completed on paper or in their books. 


Please see the new tab on the school website for ‘Distance Learning’. Under this tab, there is a short video guide for both students and parents on how to use Google Classroom. You will also find all the classroom codes for all subjects. It is important to make sure your child is up and ready for a 9am start. If there is a quiet place in your home, free from distractions, then that would be an ideal place to work. Please ensure your child has logged into all their necessary classes and remind them  that if stuck, they can contact their teachers for help. 


If your child receives a free school meal, you will receive supermarket vouchers covering the duration of the absence from school. These will be sent to you next Wednesday via email from Newport City Council. If we do not hold an email address for you, these will be sent in the post.


We expect all our students to continue their learning at home: please do not hesitate to contact school if you require any support. We look forward to seeing Y8 students again on Tuesday 1st December.


Yours faithfully,

Mr. D. Curtis