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The Baxter Project - £10,000 Grant

The Baxter Project

Using relational interventions to mitigate the long term impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and utilising therapeutic outcomes to assist in positive change, The Baxter Project encourages exercise and play, but above all rapport building. The programme works with schools to identify the young people who are most at risk of developing anti-social behaviours or attitudes offering them the opportunity to engage with a positive role model and a playful animal who are disassociated with any formal institution allowing for gradual relational work to be completed. 

What makes The Baxter Project's companion animals different to the usual school therapy dog is its focus.

Where a school therapy dog can offer support to the masses, The Baxter Project targets and works with the pupils who need the most support, the most challenging and the most vulnerable pupils. The combination of the companion animal, the disassociation from authority and our unique relational development techniques has been proven successful in every school with every demographic we have worked in, the pupils respond positively to the programme, we pride ourselves in our ability to engage the disengaged.


We have made it through to the live event for OurVoiceOurChoiceOurPort grant, we are in for a possible £10,000 grant!

But we need your help & your votes! There will be a live event on Eventbrite on Sunday 28th March 2021 which the public can access and vote to support our school.

Please see our video below for more information and to meet Roo!

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The therapists are trauma specialists and all have backgrounds in youth work and social care.

The wonderful animal they bring with them to the therapy sessions alleviate any stress and anxiety that the children have, which then allows the important counselling and therapy work to take place. 

Please register to VOTE for us here!

This funding would allow 33 students to access the therapeutic support, in order to improve resilience, self esteem, confidence and decision making.

For more information, please visit their website - Therapeutic Activities Group CIC

Supporting our Drama Club

You can also register for this Sunday's funding event, where we want to win £5000 for our beloved Drama Club.

Please see below for a video of the great work that Ms Porter and the DC members have created for the event. 

Please give our students the recognition and support that they deserve!

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