St Julians School

Police Parking Letter

Dear Parent or Guardian,

We are receiving numerous complaints regarding parents parking on the yellow zig zag lines at the front of the school. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that these lines are at a set distance to ensure clear visibility for children and parents to cross safely and to see vehicles approaching from both directions.

Unfortunately, we are seeing a number of parents/guardians who are disregarding the safety of others by parking illegally on these lines. As a result, the Traffic Warden and local town officer will be patrolling here on a regular basis to combat this. 

Vehicles parking on the yellow zig zags, regardless of whether the driver is present or not, will receive a fixed penalty fine. Whilst we appreciate that it may take time to find a legal place to park, your child may  remain at the school until you arrive. 

We are being given different excuses as to why persons are parking here, however, our concern is for the safety of the children and parents and we are taking a zero tolerance approach to drivers parking on these lines. We will also be checking that drivers and children are properly belted.

We would also like to add that vehicles parking in the lane at the front of the school will also receive a fixed penalty. Lanes have to be kept free of vehicles as they are designated emergency access routes, and also accessed by residents who have garages. 

Finally, the school and numerous parents are in full support of our efforts to combat illegal and irresponsible parking. 

I am available to discuss these or any other issues and can be contacted via the below means. We thank you for your time and cooperation in this matter. 

Yours faithfully

Community Support Officer (149) Clare Nancarrow