St Julians School

'sister act' success

St. Julian’s 2019 musical production, ‘Sister Act’, was performed to a large audience of parents and members of the local community at the school this March. The Music teaching team, Miss E. Porter, Mr. A. Edwards and Miss K. Smith, surpassed expectations by producing a stage show to rival professional versions. 

To add to the complexity of their play, the production was also supported by an ambitious crew and hospitality teams made up by St. Julian's students for the duration of the show. The students took it upon themselves to further their creative and collaborative skills by filling these crucial supporting roles which added to the overall achievement. In the end, around 50 students from all year groups were involved both on and off of the stage!

The feel-good musical comedy is based on the hit 1992 film that was nominated for a number of awards. When the Disco Diva, Deloris Van Carter, witnesses a murder, she finds herself being put into a convent under protective custody to avoid being found. It was the complexity and depth of this production that led the teachers to choose this show. Filled with powerful gospel music, outrageous dancing and a truly moving story, the cast of Sister Act was able to show off their talent.

Miss Porter reflected on the experiences of the production by stating that “We chose a hard show on purpose… we have such strong talent here at St. Julians. It’s been the most dedicated cast we’ve had because they’ve come in for after-school rehearsals three times a week from December, every lunch from January and on five Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm. It’s been a long process”. The new bonds of friendship made throughout the students’ time spent on the show were also recognied as “kids that don’t speak usually are mixing with other year groups… age goes out of the window”.

These thoughts were echoed by members of the audience, one stating that “... this was INCREDIBLE… The pupils are so lucky to have such talented and caring teacher who allow them to shine as much as they do!”. Other audience members shared their delight of the show by proclaiming that “everyone was excellent”, “what a talented group of pupils!” and “It showed the true spirit of St Julian’s School”.

A huge congratulations to the cast and crew for all their time and effort making the show the success that it was!