St Julians School

Alex Aiken Visit

On Tuesday 9th April, the Executive Director for the Government Communications, Alex Aiken, visited St. Julian's Post 16 pupils and students from other year groups to further their knowledge and understanding about career paths within the government. With the responsibility of creating the Government Communications Service and developing cross-government campaigns, Aiken touched on topics from Larry the 10 Downing Street cat to working in the Civil Service. In a bid to inspire and encourage the pupils, Aiken also discussed his background and beginnings; explaining that he started in his local meat-market to which he was eventually appointed the role that he possesses today as a result of encouragement and determination.

The main aspect of the visit was to converse with the pupils about apprenticeships throughout the many departments that form the British Government. As explained, there are numerous apprenticeships each year in a range of professions that construct the Civil Service. The pupils challenged Aiken's experiences with an active, creative response by prompting him to discuss relevant governmental matters such as Brexit, the Prime Minsters decision process and further questioning career choices, which was all well-received by the Executive Director. once the talk had concluded, Carlo Fenucci, an ambitious post 16 student at St. Julian's, had the opportunity to personally interact with Alex regarding university options and applications once leaving school.

Please see the attached links for government apprenticeships and Civil Service jobs:


Civil Service Jobs