St Julians School

Friends of Rwandan Rugby

One of our very own pupils, Camron Phillips, has be given the amazing opportunity to travel to rural Africa with the charity, Friends of Rwandan Rugby. Here they will be teaching the joys of rugby to children in some of the most impoverished regions of Rwanda. In order to get to orphanages he will be helping, Camron will embark on a 10 hour flight, followed by a six hour bus journey!

However due to his baggage allowance, Camron will only be taking a small bag of clothes as the rest is being used for kit. Himself and eight other selfless volunteers are in the process of taking a considerable amount of sports equipment, such as rugby balls, first aid kits and tag belts, which will be shared and gifted to the children that they will be helping. Most of these children will not have ever had the childhood past-time of owning or even playing with a ball, so this will be a wonderful, life-changing experience for both the children and volunteers.

So far, Camron and the team have managed to raise a brilliant £800 for the orphanage that they will be working on. If you can, please follow the link to donate to their charitable cause.

Best of luck to Camron and the rest of the team!