St Julians School

Additional Learning Needs (ALN) Information

Welcome to St Julian's School from the Learning Support Team!

Below are two booklets for you to read and complete in your spare time. Inside you will find key times in the school day, information about our school planner, an example of what your timetable will look like, our school uniform policy, how our behaviour system works, pictures of key staff that will work with you, a map of the school and pictures of the areas that you will use the most. If there are any questions that you have, please write them down and we will answer them when we see you next.

Attending St Julian’s School will be a big step in your life and is a big part of growing up. It can be a worrying time, but this is quite normal. The best thing to do is prepare yourself as well as you can. This booklet will help you to learn about our school, but please remember that there will always be lots of people who will help you too.