St Julians School


School admissions is managed by Newport City Council 
Telephone - 01633 656656
Email -
Website - School Admissions

September 2022 admissions

Admission Arrangement 2022

Please note that the policy for admission arrangements in 2022 have been determined following consultation. This can now be viewed here.

Read the School Admissions Policy 2022/23 to understand:

  1. When your child will be eligible for a place
  2. Your responsibilities when making an application for your child
  3. How your application will be processed
  4. What action you will need to take when you receive your decision


Year 7 (secondary school)

Year 12 (Sixth form)

Eligible children’s date of birth:

1 September 2010 to 31 August 2011

1 September 2004 to 31 August 2005

Apply online* from:

22 September 2021

Apply directly to the school in all cases

Closing date:

24 November 2021

Decision date:

1 March 2022

* If you are not able to make an application online you can access printable forms by clicking on the relevant table heading above or call 01633 656656 to request one.


Oversubscription criteria

The school has been oversubscribed in Year 7 applications for many years. To find out more about how places are allocated please go to where information can be found on Page 9 of the School Admissions Policy.