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Assessment and Feedback

Each department has its own Assessment and Feedback policy. Departments will vary in how they give feedback and how they assess students, but all students will receive both formative assessment (as they progress in their learning) as well as summative assessment (to evaluate what they have learned). All students will receive feedback that helps them to improve. 

Students will be formatively assessed during lessons through activities such as questioning and peer/self assessment. This will support the teacher in evaluating the progress students are making and the direction in which the lesson should continue. 

Students will also complete summative assessments, periodically throughout the year. These assessments at all Key Stages will provide students and teachers with working at grades (for qualification based lessons in KS4 and KS5) so that they can assess how far away they are from targets and what they need to do to improve. As a school, we will endeavour to ensure that these assessments are suitably challenging, whilst also providing students with the support needed to achieve their highest potential.

Students' work will be reviewed by teachers, and all students will receive regular feedback - this may be written or verbal. This feedback will ensure that the students have the knowledge and support to make progress in their learning.

To support students in making progress, it is expected that they completely address the feedback provided by their teachers. This will enable a student to ‘close the gap’ in their knowledge, understanding and application of skills and to improve their learning. This will ensure they can continue to make progress and improve their level/grade. Teachers will provide these opportunities and it is a student's responsibility to ensure these are engaged with.

The department policies align with our whole school guidelines for effective assessment and feedback.  These guidelines are based on the latest educational research and are reviewed regularly to ensure that the feedback our students receive will really help them make progress.

The guidelines can be found below.