St Julians School

Business Support Team/support staff


Business Manager
Mrs V Williams


Admin and Business Support Team

Data Manager
Mr J Newton

Mrs N Dale - Headteacher's PA
Mrs J Bruce - Examinations Officer
Ms C Greenhouse - Finance Officer
Mrs K Bladen -  Admin and Data Officer (Post 16)
Miss L Bowie - Business Support Assistant (Receptionist - Main Reception)
Mrs S Taylor - Business Support Assistant (Receptionist - Student Reception)
Miss K Jones - Business Support Assistant (Reprographics/Switchboard)

Mrs H Collins - LRC Co-Ordinator

Facilities and Operations Team


Operations and Facilities Manager
Mr R Owen

Mrs A Preston-Marriott - Cover and Business Support Officer
Miss M Maunders - Media and Communications Officer

Mrs S Davies - Cover Supervisor 
Mr A Webb - Cover Supervisor
Mrs L Traves - Cover Supervisor
Miss L Begum - Cover Supervisor
Miss C James - Cover Supervisor

Mrs D James - Technician (Science)
Mr P Leach - Senior Technician (Science)
Ms C Lambert - Technician (Science)
Mr T Petith - Technician (Technology)
Mrs C Daniels - Technician (Technology)

Mr P McNee - Head Caretaker
Mr E Daniels - Assistant Caretaker
Mr N Olufsen - Assistant Caretaker
Mr N Challenger - Minibus Driver/Assistant Caretaker
Mr D Cantelo - Maintenance Officer

Miss K Swift - Midday Supervisor
Ms K Cartwright - Midday Supervisor

Cleaning Team 

Inclusion and Wellbeing Team


Inclusion and Wellbeing Manager
Mrs L Payne

Mrs K Griffiths - Learning Coach
Mrs A Campbell - Pastoral and Inclusion Officer
Mr S Jenkins - Pastoral and Inclusion Officer
Mr M Anthony (Maternity Cover)  - Pastoral and Inclusion Officer
Mrs L Paske - Wellbeing and Child Protection Officer 
Mrs H Trebble - Attendance and Engagement Officer

Mrs H Vinnicombe - Pastoral Business Support Assistant


Learning Support 


Learning Support Coordinator
Mrs L Martin

Mrs C Cox - Deputy Learning Support Coordinator

Ms G Anderson - Teaching Assistant
Mr M Anthony - Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Badman - Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Baker - Teaching Assistant
Miss S Clark - Teaching Assistant
Miss V Edwards - Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Davies - Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Fido - Teaching Assistant
Miss M Foster  - Teaching Assistant
Miss L Foxall - Teaching Assistant
Miss A Gingell  - Teaching Assistant
Miss K Hall - Teaching Assistant
Miss V Hemming - Teaching Assistant
Mrs F Hobbs - Teaching Assistant
Miss K Johnson - Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Luker - Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Muirhead - Teaching Assistant
Mr M Pollentine - Teaching Assistant
Miss C Radford - Teaching Assistant 
Ms L Ridler - Teaching Assistant
Mrs T Thomas - Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Turner - Teaching Assistant
Miss J Wall - Teaching Assistant
Miss E Wood - Teaching Assistant
Miss Maryam AL-Jboury - Teaching Assistant

Intervention Teaching Assistants 
Mrs C Taylor - Literacy 
Mr J Johnson - Numeracy 

Network/ IT Team
Mr M Nunan (SRS)