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Distance Learning

In the eventuality that we are instructed by Welsh Government to close for face-to-face teaching we will take action in line with Welsh Government guidance. We are also taking action in line with national guidance, where any child is showing symptoms of Covid 19. 

Adhering to this important guidance means that there may be periods of time over the coming months when students will have to isolate at home. In these unprecedented times, we will endeavour to ensure that your child can continue to learn and be supported from home if they are well enough to do so. With this in mind, this section of the school website will be dedicated to ensuring you have clear direction to work provided by teachers, and you can access support and guidance with distance learning.

How can I prepare for distance learning?

  • Please ensure you have used the Google Classroom codes your teachers have shared with you to join all Google Classrooms. If you are unsure of how to do this, please see the written guide or tutorial video below.

  • Please tell your Progress Leader if you don’t have access to a device to work from, don't have WiFi or have an issue with your Google account; we can help. 

  • You can use Google Suite (this includes Google Classroom, Drive, Docs, Slides, etc.), from any device, with a Google account. Ensure you know your Google school account username and password and use this to access all work (the same one you use when in school). You DO NOT need to know your log in details for SRS or Hwb. 

  • Please ensure you have read and follow the Student Code of Conduct for live streamed lessons.

  • This short video and presentation shows students how to use Google Classroom, including:

    • how to join a Classroom

    • how to view assignments and find work

    • how to submit work and contact a teacher

  • This short video and presentation is a guide for parents/carers, so that you can support your child in using Google Classroom.

  • Progress Leaders have put together these videos: KS3 and KS4. They provide some very helpful advice and tips for learners and parents/carers on how to work from home and how to support your child.

  • This short video and presentation show students how they can access their 'To Do' list on Google Classroom.

What should you do if the school is closed for face-to-face teaching? 

  • If the school is closed for face-to-face teaching, you will find all of your work for your different subjects in each of your Google Classrooms. Please check all of your Google Classrooms at the start of the day that you would have this lesson. You will find work to complete for each lesson. 

  • You will find a mix of work in your Google Classrooms, including pre-recorded lessons, recorded instructions, live lessons and other independent tasks/activities. Please ensure you follow the Student Code of Conduct for live lessons.

  • You will see clear instructions with your work. However, if you are still unsure of what to do, please contact your teacher or TA via email or your Google Classroom. (Please also see ‘who can support me’ below).

What is expected of me?

  • Your teachers will have spent a lot of time and effort ensuring that you can continue to learn from home. Please ensure that you read any information they share and complete all the tasks they set for you to complete.

  • When you have completed the work, please don't forget to hand-in/submit the work you have completed (see the video above if you aren't sure how to do this). You can upload photos of work you can have completed by hand.

  • If you aren’t sure of what to do, please contact your teacher via your Google Classroom or email. 

What should you do if you are isolating but the rest of your class are in school?

  • If you are isolating and your contact (year) group isn’t, please check your Google Classroom as resources wil be uploaded regularly. You should only do school work if you are well enough to do so. Please also use the time to complete any work you have missed or improve your work, where you can see improvements can be made (e.g. proofreading and literacy corrections, DIRT tasks).

  • You can also look for a lesson on the same topic that your classmates are studying on the Oak National Academy Website which has lots of very high quality resources and lessons on a huge range of topics.

  • Some teachers will be able to 'live stream' you into their usual lesson via your Google Classroom meets function. They will be able to let you know if it is something they can provide (this will not be possible for all lessons/subjects).

Tips for working from home

Here are some general reminders and tips on how to ensure, that if you do have to work from home, you can do so to the best of your ability:

  • Routines really help; start the day with breakfast, stick to your normal timetable and take breaks to eat, stretch your legs, have a change of scenery and get some fresh air (just as you would in school)

  • Eat healthily at normal times; hunger can really affect your concentration levels

  • Manage distractions, e.g. turn your phone off and find a place in your home where you can work

  • Ensure you have all the necessary equipment needed for the lessons ready

  • Organise your time, e.g. working according to your timetable and completing work on the day you would have a lesson

  • Check you have done everything before finishing

Who can support me?

Your Progress Leader: They’ll contact you to check you are OK and that you have access to work and technology.

Your Teachers: Your teachers can be contacted via Google Classrooms and email if you are unsure of what you have to do. Please make sure you read/listen to all instructions carefully before doing this.

Your Teaching Assistant: If you work closely with a Teaching Assistant, please contact them via email, for support with completing any task you feel you are struggling with. 

If you need any additional support, please see our Health and Wellbeing section for information and guidance.