St Julians School


St Julian's School offers students extra-curricular opportunities which can provide students with:

  • new experiences
  • commitment to a goal
  • confidence and self esteem 
  • increasing depth and width of interests 
  • positive attitude
  • learning time management and prioritising
  • making a contribution
  • building solid relationship and people skills


We require parent/carer annual consent for students to attend any PE fixtures that take place outside of the school site. The parental consent also covers PE fixtures that may take place after school. By completing the information in the form, it allows your child to take part in PE fixtures during this academic year and to seek medical treatment in the event of any emergency. This includes emergency contact details and any relevant medical information in relation to all students attending any event.

This will give consent for St Julian's School PE department to take children to fixtures outside of the school site across the academic year 2021/22.

Parents/Carers will receive a text/email correspondence from the school the day before a fixture confirming that my child has been selected for the fixture. If parent/carer does not receive contact then they will not be participating in that particular fixture.

Please complete all parts of this form.

Completion of this means we will not need to seek permission for each PE fixture your child attends.

Please note that if any of the information provided changes during the academic year, including you wishing to withdraw your permission, you must notify the school at the earliest opportunity.