St Julians School

Glyndwr House Message

Pennaeth Llys Glyndŵr

Rhys Pritchard

House motto

“Believe, Achieve, Succeed”

Message from the Head of House….

“Believe, Achieve, Succeed” was designed by Glyndŵr student Caitlin Hayes.  These powerful words embody the entire ethos of Llys Glyndŵr; where every student is nurtured within the house and actively encouraged to pursue this ideology.

If students have a belief in their own ability, then they can achieve their goals; once this is understood then they will succeed in realizing their dreams.

Working with others
Reach your dreams

Tutor Groups

7G1 - A Evans
7G2 - S Ferguson
8G1 - D McGriele
8G2 - P Jones
9G1 - B Davies
9G2 - G Powell
10G1 - K Parry-Jones
10G2 - S Hammond
11G1 - K Anthony / E Hathaway
11G2 - D Thevenet