St Julians School


Our Behavioural, Emotional Support Team work with many of our students to remove any barriers to learning. Along with dealing with behavioural incidents, they also provide emotional support for a range of issues which include bereavement, anger management, mental health issues, self-harm and friendship problems. Mrs Aston and Mr Jenkins, based in the West foyer, and Mrs Paske, based in Jubilee, are always busy providing the very BEST care, support and guidance for our students.

Our Inclusion Team, led by Mrs Payne, work with students who require a bespoke form of support in order to keep them engaged in their  learning.

This may include students who have been absent from school for periods of time or students who are struggling to make progress over a number of subjects. Their role is vital to ensure that all students leave St Julian’s with formal qualifications.  


The IRC is a key aspect of Inclusion at St Julian’s School and fulfils essential roles within the school.

It not only provides a base for students whose behaviour is affecting their learning but will also work with them to develop strategies to help students manage their behaviour more effectively.

Staff in the IRC deliver and actively engage students in 4 preventative groups to support Behaviour, Anger management, Attendance and Self Esteem.

They are also able to offer an Alternative programme for pupils at risk of fixed term/permanent exclusion; a tutorial group for pupils struggling with attendance and an array of bespoke additional qualifications, often away from a classroom, for pupils who have become dis-engaged.

Learning Coach

Mrs Griffiths is the Inclusion Team’s Learning Coach. She provides support on a 1-1 or small group setting: working with pupils to overcome Learning Barriers. She is able to offer support to pupils not working to a normal timetable and also support them in completing coursework and controlled assessments.

Mrs Griffiths provides individual guidance and coaching, helping pupils to develop study skills revision strategies and exam preparation. She is also able to offer additional qualifications.

Mr S Jenkins
Miss A Aston
Mrs L Paske (Child Protection Officer)

Mrs L Payne - Inclusion Coordinator 
Mrs K Griffiths - Learning Coach
Mrs K Delahey - Inclusion Staff
Mrs A Campbell - Inclusion Staff