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Our Mission

Mission Statement

We constantly strive to be a school for all where everyone succeeds
- it’s our mission.

What do we mean by “a school for all”?
  • We are proud that our school welcomes students from many different and diverse backgrounds.
  • We recognise that all our students at this school have different needs.
  • We understand that our students all have their own goals and ambitions that they are aiming to achieve.
What do we mean "where everyone succeeds"?

We work with our students to ensure that no matter what their background is, what their needs are or what their goals and ambitions are, they will leave this school successful:

  • Having personally developed into healthy, well-rounded young people
  • Having gained knowledge, skills and experiences they will remember for life
  • Having achieved qualifications that reflect their potential
  • Having secured a future pathway in education, employment or training

We strive to ensure our students’ learn and develop in a safe and happy environment underpinned by the values that are important to our school community:

  • Respect
  • Inclusion
  • Collaboration
  • Ambition