St Julians School

Staff Professional Learning

We are committed to improving the quality of learning and teaching across the school. This means ensuring our professional learning offer for staff meets the expectations and vision set out by Welsh Government: ‘Schools in Wales as Learning Organisations’. The key seven dimensions within this vision are:

  • Developing a shared vision centred on the learning of all learners

  • Creating and supporting continuous learning opportunities for all staff

  • Promoting team learning and collaboration among all staff

  • Establishing a culture of enquiry, innovation and exploration

  • Embedding systems for collecting and exchanging knowledge for learning

  • Learning with and from the external environment and wider learning system

  • Modelling and growing learning leadership


We provide professional learning opportunities for all staff through various platforms. Welsh Government provide the school with a Professional Learning grant to achieve this. A full version of the grant allocation can be seen in the link below. This grant is currently allocated to the following professional learning for staff at St Julian's School:

  • Development for the Headteacher, Senior Leaders, Middle Leaders and Teachers within the Excellence in Teaching and Leaderships Framework

  • EAS Leadership Programmes for senior and middle leaders

  • Professional Learning Programmes to improve the practice of all staff across the school including a Diploma in Leadership and Management

  • EAS advisers support for key departments and TLR holders across the school

  • School-to-school working (including work with our cluster primaries and other secondary/primary school leaders)

  • Engagement in regional Curriculum Reform programmes

  • The appointment of Leaders of Teacher Education and a Professional Learning Lead

  • External exam board training for KS4 and KS5 teachers and leaders

  • Support from EAS Lead Network Schools for key departments across the school

  • Accessing regional Research and Enquiry Sessions e.g. Critical Collaboration and Professional Enquiry (CCPE) with University of Stirling

  • Coaching Programmes

  • Staff development in ACE

  • National Teaching Assistant development programmes

  • Attendance to PDG, Wellbeing and ALN development strategy conferences