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Student Progress

At St Julian’s School we are very proud of the support systems that we have in place for our students to ensure that obstacles to learning are understood, supported and overcome. Each year group has a Progress Leader to support the students. 

Progress Leaders closely monitor their students’ academic achievement, attitude to learning (behaviour) and emotional wellbeing. Whilst behaviour and wellbeing are monitored daily via ClassCharts and SIMS attendance register, we capture academic data and report home to parents and carers termly. 

These reports share information on students’ performance in all subjects: the progress they are making and their attitude to learning (punctuality, effort and engagement and respect and behaviour). One of these reports will also contain a detailed subject report with improvement targets.

When monitoring progress for students in KS3, levels are being replaced with four Progress in Learning scores (1 - 4: excellent. good, satisfactory and little progress).  These scores determine how well students have retained and can apply new knowledge and skills to date. All students have a target of making excellent / good progress. Progress in literacy and numeracy skills is gauged through the scores determined by the English and maths department alongside Cognitive Ability Tests (CATs) which are taken at the start, middle and end of the key stage. 

At Key Stage 4 & 5, students are given a target grade to achieve for each subject and progress is monitored via staff awarding professional predictions at each termly data capture. 

When a student is identified as underachieving, appropriate support and intervention is put into place depending on specific needs. This is monitored by the Progress Leader and Head of Department.