St Julians School

Student Reception & First Aid


Student Reception is the focal point for student queries throughout the school day. Student Reception handles a number of functions which include:

  • Signing in/out
  • Student timetables
  • Uniform
  • Lost property
  • Stationary and other school equipment
  • School Planners
  • Student Lunch Passes
  • First Aid Point

Students who feel unwell or have an accident are to be directed to the First Aid Point (except for anyone showing Covid Symptoms, in which case will be held in the isolation room).

Unwell students must not leave school or be sent home without the school's first aider’s authorisation. Parents/carers will be asked to collect the child and will sign out at Student Reception. In the case of minor accidents, the first aider on duty will take the necessary measures and record the accident in the accident book.

In the case of potentially serious accidents the first aider on duty or one of the other qualified first aiders will go to the student. If in doubt, a member of staff will dial 999 and request an ambulance and parents will be notified.

Sanitary Products

We continue to support our female students by providing FREE sanitary products from the school.


First Aid