St Julians School

Teaching, Learning & Curriculum

At St Julian’s School we are committed to providing the very best provision and learning experiences for our students. Our aim is to ensure we meet the needs of all students, so that all can make excellent progress in their knowledge, understanding and application of skills. We aim to foster a love of learning and nurture an environment where students are active and reflective learners and equipped with the skills needed to be lifelong learners. We will endeavour to challenge every student to fulfil their potential at the end of each lesson, term and year so that they can flourish beyond their time at St Julian’s. 

In order to fulfil this mission, we ensure high standards in subject knowledge from teachers. We also invest time in developing our teachers’ ability to plan and deliver excellent learning opportunities, underpinned by pedagogy which has a highly effective impact upon learning. We regularly monitor and evaluate the quality of learning experiences for students and will continue to use these findings to secure improvements.