St Julians School


Uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of our school and setting an appropriate tone. It also gives students a sense of community and belonging. It is, therefore, important that students adhere to and respect our rules on school uniform.

Please remember support is available to many families to help with the cost of uniform.



Item Further detail
St Julian’s School Black Blazer

● Must be worn at all times

● Other jackets/coats cannot be worn in place of a blazer

● Hoodies and tracksuit tops are not permitted

White collared shirt ● Top button must be done up at all times and tucked in
● Long or short sleeves
House tie ● Available from Macey’s Sports
Black skirt

● Must be of an appropriate length

● No mini skirts

Black tailored trousers or black tailored shorts

● Polyester material only

● No jeans

● No combat trousers

● No leggings (lycra material)

● No sports trousers/shorts

OPTIONAL: Black Jumper

● Plain black ‘V’ or round neck, long sleeved jumper or cardigan


● No external labels/branding permitted


● Plain black or natural in colour

● Socks are not to be worn with tights

Shoes ● All black trainers or flat black polishable shoes

● Appropriate sized bag

● Large enough to carry all books and equipment



Standard Detail
Make up

● Natural make-up only

● No false eyelashes

Nails ● Nails should be of an appropriate length

● Stud earrings only, i.e. no hoops (all earrings must be removed for PE)

● Tunnels must be filled

● A single nose stud is permitted, i.e. no hoops (must be removed for PE)



PE Kit

All students are required to bring their PE Kit to all lessons and change, unless there is a physical impairment, preventing a student from changing.

Standard Item(s) Further detail
Plain white t-shirt/ polo shirt ● No logos, zips or studs/poppers
Plain black shorts ● No logos, zips or studs/poppers
Black leggings or black joggers

● Plain black

● No logos

Optional item(s)
Rugby shirt

● Plain black or St Julian’s logo

● No logos, zips, studs/poppers or trim

Hooded sweatshirt

● Plain black or St Julian’s logo

● No logos, zips, studs/poppers or trim