St Julians School


Our vision for St Julian’s School is to achieve excellence in all that we do.

Through our work we will develop the inherent qualities in all our students and equip them with the skills necessary to lead fulfilling and positive lives. Engendering a desire to learn and ask questions; facilitating creativity and problem-solving; accepting that mistakes are fundamental to making progress and understanding that diversity is something to be embraced will be evident in our strategic planning and daily actions.

It is based on the principles that we prepare all students to be leaders of their own learning and life choices; that we ensure celebration of success for all in an inclusive setting; that we deliver personalised learning strategies providing diversity and choice within a 21st century curriculum and environment and; have a code of conduct with students that is fair yet firm, expecting high standards and mutual respect.

We will achieve excellence through all of our work which, at all times, will be built on the St Julian’s values of:

  • Respect
  • Collaboration
  • Inclusion