St Julians School

What do the Students Say?

Y7 Transition Testaments

Here, two of our current Y7’s talk about their transition and first year at St Julian's School.

Jacob, Year 7

Hi everyone, my name is Jacob Willey and I am a year 7 student at St Julian’s comprehensive School. 

I know transitioning to year 7 may be scary for some but you don’t have anything to worry about and hopefully I can prove that in this speech.

I know our current circumstances with Covid may have increased your concerns about leaving primary school but I want to assure you, that you will have loads of support when you start at the comp.

I was worried about leaving primary because I felt settled and knew what I was doing, so making my way to the comp on the first transition day, I felt very nervous....I needn’t have worried!

I met my friends and we made our way into the school, feeling very intimidated by the size of the school and I was convinced that I would never be able to find my way around. Thankfully on arrival we were met and escorted by Post 16 students who stayed with each class throughout the day and answered any questions we had.

We went straight into the hall, to find out who our form class and tutor would be, I waited nervously, hoping to be with someone I knew....thankfully my best friend was in the same form so I felt very relieved but again I shouldn’t have worried because I soon made lots of new friends from other schools. I was in Caradog House with Mrs Wynne as our Progress Leader and Mrs Sturgess as my form tutor.  

The first day flew by and although I felt worn out, I was excited to go back for the second day.

On the second day, I felt much better walking into the school knowing that I could get help if I needed it and was excited to learn more about what would happen when we started in September.  We were in our forms for the morning where we learnt about the style of school lessons and in the afternoon, we had activities and games on the field.

I left the transition days feeling happy and I was looking forward to starting in September!

September came around and I met my friend to walk into school on the first day. I settled in quickly and felt very supported by teachers and fellow students. Yes, the lessons are more difficult but that’s a good thing, they are there to challenge you and get the best out of you as a student.

It didn’t take long for me to realise, that there is much more to St Julian’s than just lessons....I joined the Rugby and Football team, used the library and the Gym. There are so many different clubs and activates that you can join if you want to and there is always someone available and willing to help.

There are 3 different places to get lunch from, but I’d highly recommend the bagels, they are amazing!!

I hope this has helped to ease your concerns about joining our school and look forward to welcoming you in September.


Alisha, Year 7

Hello year 6’s, My name is Alisha Needham and I am a year 7 student at St Julian's High School.

I am here to tell you about transition and that everything is going to be ok when you move into your new school and become a student at St Julian's.

At the end of year 6 I was a bit nervous because none of my best friends were going to St Julian's with me. That made me feel very scared. I was also nervous because I always thought I was going to get bullied at comp but when I went for transition I felt welcome and I met some really nice people in my form which put my mind at ease.

On my first day I was really excited but nervous at the same time. I didn’t realise how big the school actually was and I was wondering how I was going to get through the day without getting lost, but what happened on my first day “I got LOST!” Even though we had a TA with us.(A TA is a Teacher's assistant.) 

All of my teachers are really nice and my Progress Leader, Mrs Wynne is lovely. If I have any concerns regarding anything,  I feel confident to approach any of my teachers. 

The canteen is AMAZING and I love the waffles they do and anything the cook is fabulous!

All I can say is that you enjoy your experience and I promise you, you will make a lot of friends.

Have Fun!