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NATO Summit

Dear Parent/Carer

As the forthcoming NATO summit is almost upon us, specific security arrangements and linked contingency plans are almost completed and in place. As Mrs Richards explained in her summer letter in July, after a long six week holiday, we are very keen for all our students to return to school with minimum disruption. As such, we took the decision to remain fully open on the 4th and 5th September.

However, in light of the most recent guidance from the Civic Centre and after consultation with the police, we are going to slightly alter our plans. Our aim is to remain open on both days but we will close at 2pm on Thursday 4th September.  The decision has been made to ensure students and staff avoid the considerable traffic disruption caused by the scheduled demonstrations and movement of Heads of State between cities.

May I apologise for any inconvenience this decision may cause. I am sure you will appreciate how difficult planning for such an unprecedented event is. The decision has been taken due to health and safety considerations of both students and staff.

Thank you in anticipation for your continued support.

Yours sincerely,

Rhys Evans

Acting Headteacher



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Screen-Shot-2013-09-16-at-10.07.18The school will reopen on Tuesday 2nd September 2014 for all students at the normal time of 8:30am.
The school week will be WEEK 1 and will only be affected by the NATO conference on Thursday 4th September with school closing at 2pm.
Should you have any queries please email the school at
Tuesday 2nd September:
All Students in Years 8 – 11 tutorial time.
All Year 7 Students to meet form tutors in the East Hall at 8:30am.
Year 11 assembly in the East Hall at 9:00am.
Year 10 assembly in the East Hall at 9:30am.


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Post 16_GRID_NEW

St Julian’s School is very pleased with its A Level results for 2014.

There were some very strong performances across the school with 100% A*-E (or equivalent) in BTEC subjects (which all performed well)  and the majority of A2 courses. Design & Technology, English Literature, RS, French, History and Chemistry equally performed very well with high percentages of A*-A and A*-C grades. Mathematics performed exceptionally well with 2 A* grades and 7 A grades. We also saw a significant improvement in our Physics results which is very pleasing.

We had a number of top performers this year with 8 students achieving the equivalent of 3 or more A*-A grades. These were Lucy Davies, Rhys Durham, Dylan John, Jarrod Lewis, Chloe Szeto, Nicholas Tayler, Yexin Xie and Kelly Young.

Our Post 16 has an open entrance policy where all of our students are encouraged to return to study at St Julian’s.  The performance of all our students relative to their ability is something which we are very proud of, as well as the strong destinations of our most able students. Early indications suggest the number of students gaining entrance to university is very positive.

The school would like to congratulate all of our students and wishes them well in their future paths.

St Julian’s Post 16 link


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Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 21.10.32Qualifications and the curriculum in Wales are changing.

From September 2015, English Language, Welsh Language, Mathematics – Numeracy and Mathematics GCSEs will assess learners on the same types of skills that the international PISA assessments test.  Our new 2015 qualifications are being designed to emphasise the mastery of processes, the understanding of concepts and the ability to function in various types of situations.

This follows on from the introduction of the statutory National Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNF) in 2013 which focuses on literacy and numeracy skills across the curriculum.  Changes are also being made to the Areas of Learning (AoLs) for Language, Literacy and Communication Skills and Mathematical Development and programmes of study (PoS) for English, Welsh (first language) and mathematics so that they align with the LNF.  These revised AoLs and PoS will be statutory from September 2015.

In a nutshell, our curriculum, GCSEs and the refreshed Welsh Baccalaureate, in line with PISA, will teach and test the skills that are regarded internationally, as fundamental to success in further study and employment.  We want our learners to be confident in applying the knowledge acquired in the classroom to real-life problems and be able to apply what they have learned in unfamiliar settings,
both in and outside of school.

Your role in making sure that learners in Wales are ready for these new qualifications is vital and we want to make sure that you are fully prepared to take on these new challenges.  This leaflet is an easy guide to understand how the new English Language, Welsh Language, Mathematics – Numeracy and Mathematics GCSEs differ from the current qualifications and outlines the support that you can expect from the Welsh Government, WJEC and consortia as we move to our new qualifications system in Wales and introduce a new curriculum into schools in Wales.




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Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 10.07.18Year 11 results are available from 8am – 10am tomorrow (Thursday 21st August) in the East Hall.


Year 10 results available in the East Hall from 10.00am.



Summer Projects 2014 underway

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YR 13 PROM – Thursday 3rd July – St David’s Hotel, Cardiff

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Yr 13




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The Yr 10 Level 2 in Hospitality achieved a very high standard in their practical assessment this year. They had to make 3 different dishes from 3 different countries and present them in a restaurant style.

Well done Year 10 – excellent results!





July 15, 2014 in Front Page News, Latest News by Mr D Beesley

On Tuesday morning the Level 1 Yr 10 Hospitality group ran a morning cafe to complete their customer service unit. Customers were offered a range of drinks and cakes, including Latte, Americano and other specialist coffees, milk shake made with fresh strawberries, eclairs and lemon sponge.

All pupils participated well and customers gave lots of compliments.  Well done Yr 10 Level 1 Hospitality





July 15, 2014 in Front Page News, Latest News by Mr D Beesley

The Geography department took 47 GCSE students in Year 10 to The Rhineland in Germany. The students visited the historic city of Cologne and the famous Lindt Chocolate Museum where they were able to see how the chocolate industry works and globalisation in practice. The students were also able to look at the picturesque scenery in the area on a Rhine cruise through the region. The students were also able to visit the beautiful Marksburg castle to learn about the history of the area as well as an afternoon spent in the village of Rudesheim which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The trip was a huge success with several local people and other tourists commenting on how well-behaved and polite the students were.


DSCF8459*Can you spot Mr King?*



July 9, 2014 in Front Page News, Physical Education by Mr D Beesley

The Un14 boys competed in the National Plate Competition at Brecon athletics track. The competition was a team event and points get awarded depending on where you finish in each event.We came 6th in the plate and were ranked 14th team in Wales.

Connor Richards won the 1500m.
Finley Richards won the 800m.
George Ratcliffe – 2nd in the javelin.
Ieuan Thomas – 3rd in the 300m.

The boys have shown such great determination and team work during the last three athletic meets. What an excellent way to end an already amazing year. You have done St Julian’s proud!

Mr Newman




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Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 21.13.22


YR 11 PROM – Thursday 26th June – Hilton Hotel, Newport

July 8, 2014 in Front Page News by Mr D Beesley

The evening sun shone on Yr 11 as they took to the red carpet at the Hilton Hotel to celebrate the end of their compulsory years of education. The prom was eagerly anticipated by all and the magical night did not disappoint. Everyone looked at home on the red carpet as the cameras clicked and the non alcoholic cocktails flowed.

The evening opened with the Prom King and Prom Queen’s dance; Alex French and Louise Szeto were the ideal couple, obviously.It was a wonderful evening and the hotel staff praised such a wonderful set of young people.


Yr 11 PROM copy




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Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 07.50.13