Google logoSt Julian’s School are very proud to announce a partnership, working with Google to become a ‘Google Reference School.’

We are hosting a special ‘Google for Education Roadshow’ event on Thursday 30th April and Friday 1st May.

The Google for Education roadshow is a unique series of events giving a behind-the-scenes look at how schools around the country are transforming their approach to teaching and learning.

St Julian’s will be describing the journey with Google Apps and Chromebooks to visitors and colleagues throughout each day.

If you would like to attend the event, we look forward to meeting you, please follow this link


Click on the image to link to the Yr 11 Revision Site where you can access all your subject revision documents as well as really good advice on how to organise your time and how to do effective revision, under the ‘REVISION ADVICE’ page.

wordRevision Planner (download)
PDF-iconImprove your learning (download)
external-link_318-10070Online Revision Planner


UniformWe wanted to take the opportunity to remind you of our high standards towards learning and uniform.

Please remind yourself of our uniform standards and come to school prepared for lessons.

You need a bag for your books and a pencil case that contains your essentials for learning: a pen, pencil, eraser, ruler and calculator.  Plus any other subject specific equipment.


Y13/14 Welsh Bacc students

The deadline for Welsh Bacc Individual Investigations and Candidate Diaries has now passed. If you have not submitted this, contact your Welsh Bacc teacher immediately, as you now risk withdrawal from the course.
Please remember that you also need to complete a Community Hours proforma. This is available from Mrs Edmonds in central admin.
The deadline for your Wider Key Skills booklets (WWO/PS/IOLP) is Monday 27th April. As usual, if you need additional support with this, please see the guidance PPTs on the student shared area, or speak to a member of the Welsh Bacc team.


Water BottlesOver the Easter break, we have had 5 new water fountains installed around the school site.

We are aware of the research that promotes being well hydrated when learning.

“By the time thirst is felt, there may be a loss of up to 10% in cognitive functions and a reduction in the ability to learn.”
Dr Philippa Norman MD, MPH

We are therefore making water bottles available to all students in your house colours.

The water bottles cost £1 each and will be available from Student Reception from Monday 13th April onwards.

All the proceeds will go to the Student Council so they can re-invest the money to improve the school.

Thank you for your support



For the past week, we have had a toilet in Main Reception raising the awareness of the importance of clean, safe water in our lives.

The students and staff have been ‘spending-a-penny’ all week and collecting and donating money towards Water Aid.  Our final total today is £162.

This is an amazing effort by all and we thank Miss Lennon for co-ordinating the fundraising.


HT Letter March '15Dear Parent/Carer,

As we move towards the end of the Spring Term I wanted to write to update you with the news of school events.  Although short in length, as a school it certainly has been an extremely busy term.

Our official inspection report was published on 6th February – many thanks to all the parents that attended the meeting in school to discuss this and the recommendations provided by Estyn.  Our response in terms of the Post Inspection Action Plan was submitted on 13th March.  Once again I will publish details of this on our school website.  We look forward to working with you in collaboration over the coming months to successfully meet the recommendations and secure success for St Julian’s School…..