Yr 11 PROM


2I have known since Year 9 that Art is what I will study in University although I was never sure why, I just knew it was something I wanted to do. I then decided to push my ambition further and take Art as a GCSE course and also A-level.

The next move in Art is University, I have finally got to the point where I have followed my dream to study it at Uni. Currently my heart is set on teaching Art in a high school but I will keep an open mind to other carer options throughout my degree.

In April 2015 while completing my ‘Fragile Mind’ project, I contacted Loui Jover via Facebook sending him an image of my work inspired by one of his pieces. In GCSE and A-level we are always encouraged by our teachers to contact artists and ask them questions about their work to help strengthen our artist research but when I contacted Loui I was so excited that I completely forgot to ask questions.

In June 2015 he got in touch with me and said “I am blown away, gobsmacked actually at the work you have created… I find it incredible that you are still a student and mastering these techniques already… you have created something wonderful, awesome work..” I was so overwhelmed with his response and he asked my permission to share my work on his social media (Facebook, Twitter and Google+) and to also promote the school.

Loui has not only inspired me with his brilliant work, but his kind words and the amount of encouragement and support he has given me makes him a very inspiring person. I hope one day to be as talented and inspiring as him.

Caitlin Humphreys



From 29th June to the 1st July St Julian’s held our Year 6 Transition days.

242 pupils attended from schools across the city.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this event possible.

Mr Price