A Yr 8 Science class were given the opportunity to experience what is is like to be an ‘Apprentice’ and in the firing line this week.
The class, split into groups of 5 (3 scientists, an expert and an Alan Sugar!)
Each Alan had to decide whether to hire or fire a group based on how good they were at demonstrating three tests for gases; oxygen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide.
The Alans were ruthless!
They questioned teamwork, safety etc and often asked the team to repeat the test if they weren’t satisfied with the groups’ performances. At the end of the lessons, they decided whether each group was hired or fired.
Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 08.39.49
Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 08.40.05


Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 08.36.10On Tuesday 11th October, two of our pupils: Poppy Smith and Mackenzie Steed, entered the Wales National Debate competition which was hosted at St Alban’s R.C. School.

They were debating against Monmouth Comprehensive school and the team who have been previous winners of the Wales Debate competition. The motion was ‘This house would ban all zero hour contracts’ and our team had to oppose this motion and argue why we should keep them. Considering the complex nature of the topic, the high pressure environment and that they were the youngest contestants there (the other teams consisted of year 12 and 13) they did themselves and the school so proud! They spoke clearly and with confidence for 7 minutes, with Poppy doing an additional 4 minute summation for the team. The adjudicators, after being forewarned about younger students entering, were surprised to learn that these two were actually the youngest- which is testament to their hard work and display of maturity.

Well done ladies!

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